Reasons why is not a safe: is suspicious search engine, which has been labeled as a browser hijacker.  Though this website states that it is capable to provide best results for your search query, it seems that it’s just a poor copy of Google. is advertised as a simple file convertor. is a search engine and not only your home page will be changed – this virus will create some shortcuts on your desktop and Start Menu leading to this site. That is because people do not tend to rely on such questionable search sites instead of the well-known Google, Bing or Yahoo.

How can “Ce nécessite la à” hijack my computer? is another questionable browser extension that is supposed to help you save money, but in fact it only interferes with your work on the Internet and it can cause you privacy and security related issues. It’s closely related to third parties, which means that is can hardly be trusted. They promise that this application is very useful and powerful  Don’t worry, if you avoid clicking these ads, they can hardly pose you any harm. That may happen quite easily if you tend to install freewares recklessly, i.e. If they are brought to you by, do not click them under any circumstances unless you want to install other potentially unwanted program, such as adware or browser hijacker.

Is “ Tracked” notification legitimate?

To sum up, although this application is promoted as a helpful tool, we highly recommend not to download it to your computer. might look as useful and valuable application at first sight, but it’s just another malicious application that you should not keep installed on your computer if you don’t want to face some severe cyber security problems. It is nothing more but a computer parasite which slows down the computer system and delivers bogus notifications and fake ads. In most of the cases, alerts that are displayed by virus report about missing updates. Moreover, the company shows a great concern with its customer’s privacy and the only information it monitors is keywords:

How can virus hijack my computer? is a program that might be responsible for the presence of different kinds of advertisements on your screen. Similarly to ads or ads, it may cause annoying redirects to insecure websites that  Even though developers of this adware state that it would enhance your browsing experience by providing you with some valuable coupons and deals, they are completely useless. Unfortunately, later on you will probably notice suspicious activities about which you were not informed. By the way, virus may start tracking your browsing habits and collecting various data, such as search terms, mostly visited websites and data that is entered by you. usually are labeled with slogan “Ads by” or “Brought to you by”. Beware that such programs are mostly used for causing issues that disrupt normal people’s web browsing.

Is a dangerous application?

The malicious ads are shown on the browser when users are browsing unreliable websites or when the computer is infected with malware. Beware that these ads pose risk to your security and they indicate that your computer contains an adware. If the pop-ups are displayed because you have opened a corrupted website, close the page right now. For this purpose, it may implement various suspicious activities, such as starts displaying commercial ads on web browsers, track your browsing activities, use your computer’s resources, redirect to predetermined websites and so on. In other words, this program shows ads, and there is a possibility that it has been published in order to do only that. Gives the impression of somewhat dirty scheme? however, you should know that nobody knows where you are going to be redirected after clicking on them;

What is ads?

If you want virus, you should be very careful when downloading  is annoying and doubtful application that may be used for wrong activities. It is officially listed as an adware (advertising supported application) so once inside it will display various advertisements on all of your web browsers. is promoted that way in order to trick internet users and make them download this useless program. thus, its main goal is to lure you into clicking on ads. You will only help adware makes to increase traffic of some pages and make money from the clicks. In fact, half of the ads may appear suspicious and you may not even consider clicking on them.

Your Free PDF Converter virus and TopYea Search. What are the differences?

As you may have already understood, this search engine  is a bogus search engine, which is designed to deliver search results that can promote affiliate marketing. Also, it was noticed that they might be distributed together. While it won’t demand money from you like other parasites, it will show advertisements in search and promote unreliable domains. Besides, similarly to, Your Free PDF Converter may slow down the system, fill your search results with various commercial advertisements (that you should avoid clicking) and may even track information related to your browsing habits.

Important information about hijacker: typically exploits user’s lack of knowledge about virtual security. start appearing on your computer’s screen periodically. After doing so, it  On this article, we will provide you with information about this unreliable search engine. Note that this virus may redirect you to other, more dangerous, websites, that promote commercial programs and malware. in other words, it may deliver altered search results, which may be filled with links to really suspicious websites. hijacks all of web 

HORSELIKER ransomware analysis:

HORSELIKER is typical scam: According to the latest news, this virus is mainly designed for Russian-speaking PC users but we have already received several complaints from people who live in other world’s countries. You may have heard of such notorious programs as Locky virus, CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, which have already infected hundreds of thousands of computers all across the world. Do not download or buy HORSELIKER, if you have it – remove it and block it’s domain using your HOSTS file. When infected with HORSELIKER, you will also be informed that your computer is now on a Black List of this anti-piracy organization and it will be here until you pay 200 dollars or euros through Moneypak prepayment system.

What do you need to know about terrifying Sapphire Ransomware virus?

Mr. Its design has local police – Bundesamt für Polizei – emblem and logo. encrypts victims’s data using the popular asymmetric encryption algorithm and demands for the ransom. If your files have already been filled with a Sapphire Ransomware, you should scan your computer for Teslacrypt  Of course, all this is done for scaring PC user into paying the fine. How long can cyber criminals feather their nest like this? • Shows commercial adverts • Connects itself to the internet • Stays resident in background